Functional Behavior Assessment - A Free Tool for Parents

Functional Behavior Assessment -  A Free Tool for Parents

As hard as you work to help your child succeed and be happy, there are times when your child’s actions and behavior are hard to understand. Maybe you have followed the steps the specialists have recommended, the strategies other parents tell you about, or the ones you've read about online.

But it’s obviously not working. What can you do differently to better understand the situation?

Using this Functional Behavior Assessment is one method of gathering information to better understand the possible underlying cause of a specific behavior problem.

This free download will help you identify, describe and track specific problem behaviors. Use it to learn and understand:

  • a specific definition of the behavior problem
  • when, how often, and where the behavior problem occurs
  • what happens immediately before the behavior
  • what happens immediately after the behavior
  • environmental factors that may be influencing the behavior

After you gather the information in this Assessment and examine it closely, the puzzle may often be a bit easier to see and solve. From this clarity you'll be able to generate more ideas or “best guesses” on the causes of your child’s behavioral struggles, and also identify new potential solutions to reduce challenging behavior at home.

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