Preparing for Enjoyable Outings Together

Preparing for Enjoyable Outings Together

Tips & Strategies for Parents

Having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can make it tough to go outside the home, leaving parents feeling isolated and alone.

Thankfully, many venues and events are catching up with the needs of families and children.

Going out to enjoy something fun together is becoming easier!

To support your success when planning an outing, use this guide for:

• Tips on how to prepare your child for the day ahead

• Planning tools to help deal with meltdowns if and when they occur

• Ideas to help focus on positive feedback and encourage more enjoyable outings in the future

Going out can sometimes be hard to manage. By planning ahead, and preparing your child, you can pave the way toward having more experiences and going more places.

Fill out the form and start planning your next outing!

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