Katie Gutierrez

Katie Gutierrez

“I want to serve the world by helping people understand one another’s experience of living in hopes that they will reserve judgment and reach for love.” – Katie Gutierrez

Katie Gutierrez believes that a well-told story can transcend what a reader “knows” to be real about the world—and thus change the world for that reader. The mundane can become bizarre, established truths nothing more than myth, and the mysterious suddenly all too familiar. In every form, story is transformative, and Katie is proud to spend her days immersed in it as RTC’s executive editor.

With a BA in English and philosophy from Southwestern University, and an MFA in fiction from Texas State University, Katie’s relationship with Round Table Companies began in 2007. Since then, she has edited more than 50 fiction and non-fiction books by emerging and established writers; quite simply, she finds joy in helping people tell their stories. It is her role with RTCto help clients discover those stories, and then collaborate with a team of staff editors to create books that will change lives.

Katie counts herself blessed to have learned under such writers as Tim O’Brien, Tom Grimes, Debra Monroe, Nelly Rosario, and ZZ Packer, among others. She has co-written numerous books with RTC, including"#JUMP", with Corey Blake and Annie Hart, and four books in the MyPath Library including "Meltdown" and the companion comic "Melting Down", and "An Unlikely Trust" and the comic "Alina's Story", all with Dr. Jeff Krukar and James G. Balestrieri. Katie has contributed to or been profiled in People, Hispanic Executive magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Community Impact Newspaper, Narrative magazine, and more.

She can’t believe she’s lucky enough to do what she loves every day.