Julie Wallach

Julie Wallach

The walnut tree in the backyard was easier to climb without a book in her hand, but there was little reason to make the effort of scaling the trunk and branches without a library book to read at the end of her ascent.

Julie was four years old when her love of reading began. Writing soon followed. She wrote little books with rainbow illustrations throughout her childhood, and found a more evolved voice as a teenager (thanks, angst!).

Later, when asked to improve upon friends’ love letters and college essays, Julie saw that her creativity was functional outside of her own pain and experience. A professor took note of her writing. As an undergraduate student, she was asked to co-author a textbook and soon wrote several research articles for a community service-learning project in Compton, California, helping students transfer to universities. She co-authored ten publications, including books and peer-reviewed research, while also engaging in extensive public speaking during her undergraduate years.

Julie is now a freelance writer, listening for others’ writing voice by way of the spoken word, which requires active listening and engagement with the human experience. She is also writing a novel about a girl named Justice, who grew up during the seventies and frequently knocks her head on macramé that hung from her living room ceiling.

Julie resides in Malibu, California with her two daughters and their rescue dog.