Prader-Willi Homes (PWH)

Prader-Willi…two little words with life changing meaning. From monitoring health and food security to dealing with behavioral issues, the job of providing care can seem daunting, but you don’t have to walk the path alone. Prader-Willi Homes (PWH) has been supporting individuals diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome and their families for more than 30 years, combining the best in residential care, education and vocational training.

Our mission is to provide each individual with the opportunity to explore their highest potential of independence within a safe, supportive and comfortable environment. Upon arrival at PWH, an Individual Treatment Plan tailored to meet the exact needs of each resident is developed. Programs and services include:

  • House motivational systems
  • Independent living skills training
  • Dietician consultation and exercise programming
  • Community/social integration opportunities
  • Vocational and educational programming
  • Psychiatric and psychological consultation
  • Social work and case management.

All residents receive 24-hour awake supervision from our trained staff. Food is monitored closely and kept secure by the staff, but residents are encouraged to be involved with the preparation of meals to help further their skills and understanding of portions, ingredients, menu and diet management, and responsibility.

Welcome to a new beginning. Welcome to a world of hope, understanding and compassion. Welcome to PWH, “Providing Homes With a Heart.”

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